LENS Neurofeedback

The LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is a unique, effective and safe form of neurotherapy that facilitates changes in people of all ages with a wide variety of presenting issues. As a result, it has the capacity to address numerous symptoms and deficits.  Results can be seen quickly, often beginning within the first session, and may be long lasting.  It may be utilized as the primary treatment approach, or as an adjunct to other therapies.  Patients across the lifespan, from young children to older adults, have benefited from LENS.  Each client’s EEG signals are unique to them and constantly changing.  The LENS measures these ever-changing signals and matches the treatment to the individual’s own physiological (neurological) fingerprint.

LENS does not require any focused attention, and the person does not need to do anything specific during the session.  The sessions themselves last between a few seconds and a few minutes, and results are typically seen in 1-20 sessions.  This makes LENS an excellent option for all individuals.

$120/treatment, treatment time 30 minutes

Website: https://www.site.ochslabs.com