Mirran, Marin, CA

Dr. Born, I wanted to report back on the homeopathy. I have experienced many weeks of feeling alive again, and only now am beginning to find myself needing to rest more and/or having “brain fog.” Within a few days of consuming the pills, I noticed I had wonderful energy and a renewed positivity about the future. I wanted to make plans and was able to go on 3 separate trips and experience living and not napping through them. I couldn’t believe the amazing brain power; I got caught up on work and my husband has been over the moon with having his partner back. I had zero expectations that it would help, but here we are.  —Karen, Fort Worth, TX

Great experience today with Dr. Born. What a difference it makes having a healthcare professional who knows his stuff AND is humble and empathetic! (I can’t recall an allopathic doctor where that’s been anywhere near the case…) I feel better already just knowing he took the time to hear me out, learn about all the symptoms and potential causes — medical or otherwise — and lay out some simple, confidence- and hope-inducing options. He even asked if I wanted a homeopathic remedy DURING my appointment to speed the recovery process. (Most doctors don’t ask permission but arrogantly assume they know what’s what and don’t treat you like a person. Quite the contrary today…!) On top of that, he brought out the book with the initial potential diagnosis for me to read up and learn about on ON THE SPOT before we went further. It’s challenging enough dealing with severe healthy concerns, but having that kind of open-ended dialogue with an emphasis on finding relief immediately… well it’s just heartwarming. And sometimes all we need is someone to listen and have some empathy. Three hours after leaving his office, I recommended a friend out-of-state contact his office for a free initial consultation by phone or Skype. I’m lucky his office is only a mile from my home. I feel very confident I’ll be back to my healthy self soon thanks to this team looking out for me.
George, Alameda, CA

Two months ago I came down with a case of Bell’s palsy. I was disoriented and in pain. I had not been able to sleep in weeks. I went to my general practitioner. I did not get any relief. I then found Dr. Todd Born. Not only did he see me right away, he even made a “house call.” I find him very easy to talk to. He really wanted to help me. He had a wealth of information about what I could do to feel better. I took his suggestions and began to feel better right away. I am now back to feeling like myself again. Dr. Born will be the first call I make in the future.
Jan, Alameda, CA

Dr. Born was the first doctor to actually help me figure out the root cause of my eczema after struggling with it for 20+ years. He is smart, curious, and diligent in his approach to naturopathic medicine. I truly believe he actually cares about the welfare of each and every patient. Plus, he has a delightful personality which makes the entire experience with him, second to none!
Martha, The Concept Queen, Avon, CT

Doc Born is great! He has helped me very much. He cares about his patients more so than others. He is a very nice person, who takes the time to explain everything ya want to know about your condition and corrective actions. I recommend Doc Born to everyone, as you will not be disappointed. He is the best!
Ed, Rocky Hill, CT

Dr. Born takes a very personalized approach to treating each individual’s unique condition. To say he has a good bedside manner, is an understatement. He is a keen listener, full of compassion. Furthermore, he has a profound understanding of the numerous areas of Naturopathic Medicine. But I think what amazes me most, is how he has been able to successfully treat not only myself (a middle-aged adult woman), but also my two children — a toddler boy and a teenager girl! And I can say with all honesty, that we all adore Dr. Born.
Linda, Torrington, CT

I am always impressed by Dr. Born’s vast knowledge, incredible work ethic and compassionate care! He always makes himself available and responds to questions/concerns in a very timely manner. I have been a patient of his for 4 years now and during that time, he has helped me to successfully manage my MS. I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Born to my family and friends and always feel confident in his treatments and guidance. Dr. Born is a true professional and a real throw-back to a time when doctors truly put their patients’ care first.
Tracy, Avon, CT

Dr. Born is the best Naturopath I have ever worked with, (and I’ve worked with many over the years). He has expert knowledge in supplements and is very responsive to any inquiries I have. He takes time to get to know his patients and is very relatable and easy to talk too. His office has been flexible when I’ve needed to change or make a last minute appointment. I am so lucky and grateful to have found him. He is the best bar non!
Mary, Capitola, CA

I am so blessed to be a patient of Dr. Born. He is, by far, the best doctor that I have ever seen. I have never received such care: from taking the time to actually LISTEN to me, to working hard a finding resolutions to my health issues. His knowledge is impressive, and what he doesn’t know, he will research until he gets the answer. I have never had such a caring physician. He gives you complete satisfaction, answers any question, and you never feel rushed. I have and continue to recommend Dr. Born to my family and friends. He is the best.
Celeste, Bristol, CT

Dr. Jones-Born is the best! She spent so much time with me and has an honest interest in my health. After my first visit I was feeling better in a couple days. I made the right choice in picking her as my doctor! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Jeff, Alameda, CA

My quest for a health care practitioner ended when I met Dr. Lindsay Jones-Born. Her relaxed demeanor and friendly smile made me feel at ease right away. I found her very easy to talk to and I felt heard and understood. Dr. Lindsay is extremely competent and knowledgeable, particularly in woman’s issues. I find continued support and encouragement as I transform all aspects of my health and wellbeing. Dr. Lindsay is an integral part of my health care team.
Robin, Avon, CT

I have been exceedingly pleased with the naturopathic medical care Dr. Lindsay Jones has provided for me and my family over the years.  As a healthcare practitioner I know what to look for when it comes to high quality holistic care. Dr. Jones blends her expertise with large doses of careful listening and compassion.  She successfully navigated me through my peri-menopausal years using a vast array of carefully selected techniques, supplements, dietary measures and lifestyle modifications.  She imparted a great amount of knowledge to me at each visit as well as the encouragement I needed to take care of myself.  She treated my son for symptoms following a traumatic brain injury further demonstrating to me the depth and breadth of her medical knowledge.  Dr. Jones has been a guest presenter at my business where she shared a lecture on the philosophy and implementation of a holistic lifestyle. My clients loved her! Her warm smile combined with her competency as a physician makes her a cut above the rest.  I recommend her without reservation to any individual or family seeking natural and alternative approaches to healthcare.
Shelley, Simsbury, CT

My HMO doctors couldn’t help me when my hot flashes hit 20/day, I couldn’t sleep, had constant nausea, and lost 20 lbs. Lab and digestive tests showed nothing “serious” and anti-depressants were suggested. But I just wanted to be able to eat, sleep and regulate my temperature! Finding Dr. Jones-Born was a stroke of great luck. With her holistic approach, I’m doing better on all fronts. Dr. Jones-Born is smart, organized, kind, easy to talk to, and respectful. Best of all, she treats you like a person and an equal, not a number. If you’re looking for a true ally on your health journey, see Dr. Jones-Born.
Leslie, Oakland, CA

Dr. Jones-Born is a pleasure to work with! From the time I first met her I felt at ease. She was very thorough in trying to understand my health, background and needs; and then tailoring a plan that would address my concerns. Dr. Jones-Born has been available to answer any follow-up questions that I had and was happy to provide more tips and help. She is a doctor that truly goes beyond the call of duty in ensuring her patients feel comfortable with treatment plans and lifestyle changes. I really appreciated that she was available via phone and email which helps with my schedule. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in a more natural approach to what ails you!
Monica, Alameda, CA

Since I’ve started the supplements I feel amazing! I don’t feel tired, I find that I’m feeling motivated again, I have energy, I feel more in control of my emotions, I don’t feel hungry all the time anymore, my sinuses are not bothering me, my cough is getting better each day, and my eyes don’t hurt. Basically, all the issues I’ve been experiencing the past 7 years are gone.
-Heather, Alameda, CA