Ayurvedic Body Work and Massage

imageRegular Massage

Swedish, Deep-tissue, sports-injury, Pre-Natal, Post-pregnancy  — 60 min.

Ayurvedic Body Work

(All body-work techniques are specific to body type)

Abhyanga: Massage with Warm herbal oil (full body) — 60 min
Udvartana: Massage with dry herbal powder (full body) —60 min
Shiro Abhyanga: Head, face and neck massage —30 min
Pada abhyanga: Feet massage —30 min

Heat Therapies:
Bhaspa Swed: herbal steam ( full body includes application of herbal oil or powder) —60 min
Nadi Swed: Local Steam ( herbal steam includes oil massage on affected area ) — 60 min
Choorna Swed: Full body fomentation wirh Dry herbal powder bolus — 60 min
Pinda Swed: Full body fomentation with herbal milk and rice poultice — 60 min

Shiro-dhara: Continuous drip of warm herbal oil on head — 60 min
Kati vasti: treatment for Lower back pain, Sciatica, spinal conditions e.g. MS, — 60 min

Special packages

Panchakarma: Ayurvedic Detox Program

Mama package:
Pre and Post-natal care:
(includes wellness consultation, diet plan, herbal remedies, 20 warm oil massages) each session — 60 min.

Self-care package:
Buy 10 Abhyanga (Warm-oil massages) get 1 free — 60 min.
Includes a 30-minute free constitutional, life-style, diet plan.