Telemedicine practice offering personalized lifestyle medical appointments in the US and internationally, for people of all ages and genders, from simple to complex chronic diseases.

Dr. Born is accepting new and returning patients from around the US and internationally via telemedicine only.

Dr. Born, I wanted to report back on the homeopathy. I have experienced many weeks of feeling alive again, and only now am beginning to find myself needing to rest more and/or having “brain fog.” Within a few days of consuming the pills, I noticed I had wonderful energy and a renewed positivity about the future. I wanted to make plans and was able to go on 3 separate trips and experience living and not napping through them. I couldn’t believe the amazing brain power; I got caught up on work and my husband has been over the moon with having his partner back. I had zero expectations that it would help, but here we are.  -Karen, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Born was the first doctor to actually help me figure out the root cause of my eczema after struggling with it for 20+ years. He is smart, curious, and diligent in his approach to naturopathic medicine. I truly believe he actually cares about the welfare of each and every patient. Plus, he has a delightful personality which makes the entire experience with him, second to none!” —Martha, The Concept Queen, Avon, CT

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